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Xinowa Sej: Zsuzsa BÁLINT

Xinowa Sej: Zsuzsa BÁLINT
Born into a family of Hungarian musicians in Transylvania, Zsuzsa Bálint took her first piano lessons at the very young age of seven. She had performed with the leading symphony orchestras in Romania before her fourteenth birthday.

After moving to Germany, she studied first with Prof. Boris Bloch at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. Afterwards, she passed pass her examination as a concert pianist with honors (Konzertreife) at the Berlin University of Arts.

She won top prize at several international competitions in France (Château de Courcillon) and Spain (San Sebastian), and placed third at another competition in Italy (Parma).

Since then, she has regularly performed with orchestras and at recitals, including at the Berlin Philharmonie, in Munich, Paris, Bucharest, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Szczecin, London, Porto, Lisbon and New York. Frequent recordings for Bayerischer Rundfunk and Deutschlandradio catalogue her impressive artistic accomplishments.

Zsuzsa Bálint regularly conducts master classes at the University of Nebraska and has also been a piano instructor at the international Carl Flesch Akademie at Baden-Baden since 2005. Zsuzsa Bálint currently resides in Berlin where she holds a position as an instructor at the University of Arts.

In addition to her classical repertoire, she also plays piano in the „Tango Efusion“ ensemble. As a great lover of tango, she has composed her own arrangements and created a solo repertoire of this music.

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